Lash Lift Course

Lash Lift Course

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DAY COURSE £300 includes a starter kit

This training course will ensure you are comfortable and confident in Lash Lift application and also comes with ongoing support with your trainer after your training. We do not train then leave you, we continue to mentor you through your lash journey. 

Our brand new Lash Lift Course is slightly different to the old traditional eyelash perming method which was done using rods. The all new Lash Lift system uses silicon shields that are much more gentler on the eyes with a more  Lash Rehab Lift system has become one of the latest beauty trends which is so fast and simple to do. In this Lash Lift course, you will learn how to curl clients eyelashes using the silicon shields, making their eyes appear larger and their eyelashes appearing much more lifted & curled. Additional benefits for the client are that their is no need for eyelash curlers and a reduced need for mascara. The  Lash Lift treatment takes 45 minutes without colour boost or 60 mins with colour boost and lasts for up to six weeks which means increased revenue for you due to the regularity of this treatment.


Certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the course and case studies. Your certificate will be fully accredited and you will be able to obtain insurance and carry out treatments as a Lash Rehab London certified Lash Artist. .

Training class start's at 10am – 2.30pm. Please ensure you bring some lunch to enjoy and arrive 15 minutes prior to start time.

IMPORTANT: Students must provide their own model for the course.

All models must be patch tested at least 48 hours prior to any treatment.